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Wwwdrumarchivecom. Vintage drum bug offers top notch vintage drums, cymbals, hardware and accessories. The result is a dating guide designed to estimate a drum's age based upon not only its serial number but also numerous other characteristics the paper contains fourteen tables and several pictures to assist the drum enthusiast in understanding gretsch drums.

Every vintage snare drum we offer is expertly inspected and graded view snare drum pictures of our high quality vintage ludwig snare drums, vintage slingerland snare drums, vintage rogers snare drums, vintage gretsch snare drums, vintage leedy snare drums and more. Gretsch drums is an iconic american drum brand manufactured in ridgeland, south carolina for more than 130 years, our award-winning company has been providing that great gretsch sound to drummers around the globe. Alongside fender, gibson, martin and rickenbacker, gretsch was one of the original american guitar manufacturers as such, there are a lot of vintage specimens hidden under beds, lurking in closets or parading in plain sight. With unmatched style and unforgettable tone, for many music greats, that drum is gretsch view more recent spotlight tom jordan gretsch guitars what do a pop-punk group, country icon, and irish rock band have in common while we’re not entirely sure, we do know they all use gretsch.

Vintage snare drums online ludwig, slingerland, leedy, camco, gretsch, sonor, pearl, tama, trixon, rogers, premier, yamaha, kentsnare badges and finishes for vintage snaretommy brown in the. Vintage drum center 60's ludwig dating guide: also if you wish to purchase vintage drums or new drum gear this is the place to go if you have this badge you can't use the serial number guides below. Page 1 of 4 - gretsch serial number dating guide - posted in vintage venue: i wanted to provide a progress update on the gretsch serial number dating guide and make one more push for information from owners of vintage gretsch drums so if you have a gretsch drum with a round, 10 the type of throwoff if a snare, 11.

Dating gretsch guitars 1939 to 1965 from 1939 to 1965, gretsch serial numbers are sequential, but the manner and placement of the serial numbers on. Memorabilia dating it to dating ludwig drum 1 14 deep x 24 diameter serial number and the world's largest drumhead company oct 04 2016 today on thousands of borchardt and ssc with many years in serial number. Dating back to 1912, gretsch first introduced hardware with modest features and function ability and since then, (dating back over 100 years), gretsch enthusiasts were always interested in pairing their gretsch kits with gretsch hardware. Maxwell vintage drums has a variety of vintage snare drums and snares from different drum companies we sell slingerland vintage snare drums and slingerland drums from every era each of our slingerland drums is ready for your collection or for your live playing schedule thank you for looking at our vintage slingerland snare drums steve maxwell vintage and custom drums gretsch.

Dating a set of gretsch drums accurately is a challenge that relies heavily on comparing the physical characteristics of your drums to those found in vintage drum catalogs locate the badge on your gretsch drums. Vintage gretsch snare drums - vintage gretsch drums - vintage gretsch drum history love me dating israel conflict adolescent dating relationships inventory maputo online dating dating sites that use phone numbers is tonto dikeh dating phyno the next three digits are the model number, without the 6 at the beginning. The gretsch drum log recently passed the 5,000 mark for entries of these, more than 2,375 are from round badge drums that represents more than two percent of all rb drums with serial numbers. Gretsch #4158, 5 x 14, 10-lug, professional snare drum (original rare walnut finish) 4-ply players grade badge needs a grommet has two extra holes each side where throw and butt were replaced with pearl strainer.

There is a family background section, complete business history, endorser section, and a dating guide, which includes all catalogued gretsch snare drums and outfits over the entire 130-year history of the company. Gretsch is an old family company dating back to 1883 i believe when you buy a gretsch instrument you are buying some history, same as a martin guitar or a harley davidson in the years to come they will hold their value and be highly collectable. During the 1920’s and 1930’s, decorative engraving was often added to top and bottom snare drum hoops company names and model names were also stamped or engraved into the brass hoops around 1933-34, slingerland introduced its version of the super-sensitive mechanism with the duall model. Until now, dating of ludwig standards represented another gap in the information available to the vintage drum enthusiast as of december 10, 2013, 472 drums are recorded, with 75 reliable reports of drums with both serial numbers and date stamps, there are 20 drums with serial numbers and labels with date codes.

Gretsch usa roundbadge 1961-64 'name band' vintage drum kit rare ep 1 how to get a great all-purpose snare drum sound - duration: (gretsch 1960s tangerine sparkle drum. Ludwig drum dating guide ludwig drums ludwig drum dating guide 1961 62, no number1963, no number 79001964, 9xxxx 334491965, xxx1966, 260xxx 449xxx1967, 450xxxpopping back up to the level of the given callero'connor to look up o'halloran and get a permit to visit the prison from the proper authorities. All of these dating tid bits help us get to a close date range of your drums date of manufacture gretsch snare drums catalog pages and gretsch drum set catalog pages is a great place to start your research if you are having a.

Ludwig snare drums are the most toured and recorded snare drum in the world and with good reason from the smooth round perfection of the bearing edge to the precision form of the snare bed, ludwig snare drums are in a league of their own. Gretsch / 'birdland' round badge 16 snare / cadillac green / mid - in the opinion of noted vintage drum expert, steve maxwell of chicago, this is the rarest and possibly the most desirable of all gretsch kits. The gretsch drum book by rob cook in collaboration with john sheridan is a complete business history of the gretsch drum company and dating guide for gretsch drums. The drum has a combination of gretsch, ludwig & w & a hardware 16 gretsch small lugs, ludwig p83 throwoff, w & a butt end & muffler this is a rare drum in 100% original, near mint, collectible condi.

Gretsch snare drum dating
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